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April 21 to May 20

Taurus goes with Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Leo (most compatible).

Best Match For Taurus is Leo

This match should make a great combination, as Leo is ruled be the Sun and the Taurean is ruled by Venus. Both signs show qualities of having great sex appeal and prominent physical qualities both of which are of great importance to the two signs.

Taureans have a love for the finer things in life, but also possess a streak of jealously. While the Leonine signifies the sympathies of the heart, they also possess the desire to show off. Most often the two come to a meeting of the hearts and the Taurean will curb his tendency toward jealously and allow the Leonine to show off. This is what makes the union well suited to one another.

Worst Match For Taurus is Sagittarius

With this match the possessive Taurean may find the Sagittarian too freedom loving to cope with. The Taureans jealously may clash with the Sagittarian’s frank and generous nature and all too often refuses to be contained by the deeply loving but very selfish and possessive Taurean. As a rule, this union is not the typical Love will overcome all combination.

Taurus Lovers Information

Taureans are notoriously slow and deliberate in their pursuit of love. The fact that they are meticulously detail oriented gives rise to their desire to find the “perfect” mate. Taureans seldom resort to divorce. They tend to tough it out in hard times and remain loving and devoted, avoiding any extra-marital influence. They are extremely faithful.

This personality attracts lots of friends and acquaintances. Their willingness to show others their dedication and resolve is inviting to all they meet. As a result of their devotion and hospitality, friends call on them for help with advice, hope, courage and consolation. This demeanor has a calming effect on all.

Taurus And Heartbreaks

The Taurean extremists almost invariably create discontent by not allowing spousal freedom. The old adage of “If you love them, let them go” is almost impossible for someone who can be overpoweringly possessive. The time and effort to make sure they have chosen the “perfect” mate can be shattered by unwillingness to bend.

Compromise or the discussion of mutually agreeable acceptable boundaries are paramount to overcoming marital disagreement. Taureans are reluctant to allow extreme flexibility thereby offering a sizeable challenge for negotiation.

The committed, loving and passionate Taureans are very desirable mates. One must however be on ones guard to help insure that the acceptable bounds of a relationship and the freedoms that go with it are sincere and well meaning.

The Taurus Constellation in the Zodiac!

The Taurus Constellation

The Constellation Taurus

In this particular region of the night sky, Taurus is seen as a bull's head and legs since historic times, and perhaps even longer ago. The Greek people figured out is was a bull form and thought it to be Zeus (greek God) himself, in the shape he took to pursue "Europa".

Taurus Constellation Stars

The brightest of Taurus' stars can be seen as the orange giant sun Aldebaran, a somewhat strange looking star that forms the eye of the bull, and is somewhat close to our Solar System at a distance of 65 light some odd years . Also very prominent in this constellation is, a blue star that forms the tip of Taurus's northern most horn.

Taurus is the highest exaltation of the earthly trinity. In it you will find the star Aldebaron, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Some 55 light years away. Also in Taurus there is a star cluster called the Pleiades, which appears to be a group of about six stars. Each starlet in the Pleiades comprises a few hundred stars found very close to one another, but are actually hundreds of light years away.

Taurus represents the second zodiac sign. According to Greek Mythology the greek god Zeus lusted for a beautiful maiden by the name of Europa. She was the daughter of the King of Phoencia. While picking flowers one morning with her maidens, Zeus disguised himself as a majestic and beautiful white bull. Europa saw his beauty and gentleness and decided to ride him. Zeus then carried her away across the water to the island of Crete. There she bore him three sons. King Minas of Crete, King Rhadomathes of the Cyclades Islands, and Prince Sarpedon of Lycia.

Taurus traits, both good and bad:

Taurus Positive Traits

Reliable with lots of patience. Extremely kind and loving. Strong determination and very security minded.

Taurus Negative Traits

Prone to jealousy and can be Resentful and Rigid. Greed and self indulgence issues are a problem.

Taurus Personality Profile

You will most likely enjoy being around someone born under the Taurus astrological sign. They are extremely patient people, and are very reliable. If a Taurus person tells you they are going to be there, or do that at a specific time and manner, it is highly likely that you can count on that to happen!

reminder: Don't forget to look at your Taurus Horoscope

Tends to excel in business matters which is fueled by a strong need for security and attained by creative planning and paying attention to detail. Very introverted, sociable and extremely faithful with latent energy seeking a channel to demonstrate commitment.

Some Negatives:
Can be seen as being overly possessive, as will as extremely inflexible. May show signs of being greedy and non-creative; is many times resentful by nature, may be construed as stubborn and narrow minded.

Taurus Sign Information Cont.

The Taurus person tends to be one who is steadfast and passionate, however tempered with commitment. They often portray themselves as being charming and possession of stardom handsomeness.

The sun sign Taurus shows an affinity for security and is constantly in search of ways to become emotionally content. A major goal of Taureans has stability high on their list of importance. Although bullish by nature they tend to tread slowly and with serenity. Security and emotional commitment are of utmost priority for them. Their need exist within a secure framework, requires enormous patience. The painstaking, deliberate journey to accomplishing this is actually what a Taurean is about.

They strive for secure sound relationships, especially where love is the pursuit. Spending as much time as they feel is necessary to cement a lasting faithful partnership is no deterrent to the passionate Taurus. Being traditionalists by nature, they can be overwhelmingly possessive. They may also be unwilling to provide the freedom their partner needs to allow a lasting, committed relationship.

As result of being persistent and slow to change, a great deal of persuading may be required to sway them from their comfort zones.

Taurus Sign's Heath Concerns

This zodiac sign even though persistent and committed, their urge to enjoy the rewards of living high May lead to bouts of overindulging. An appetite for very rich foods and sweets can pose a difficult challenge. Since Taurus is the thyroid master, discipline will be paramount to aiding ones metabolism, weight gain may become a nemesis as one grows older.

Taureans may show a tendency to be vulnerable to sore throats and should act as a reminder that they need to pay attention to their health patterns and seek a healthier life style.

Taurus is also master over the neck which includes the throat and voice which many times may be adversely impacted by tension. Tension is many times a result of over doing which affects the vocal cords causing laryngitis. Muscle tension leads to inflamed and sore neck muscles as well.

Other ailments may include obesity, tonsillitis and goiters. All of this should act as a reminder that moderation of most everything can help them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

These warmhearted, loving individuals care very deeply for the people in their life. You will also find the Taurus zodiac sign surrounded with pets, because this is a major outlet for their loving nature. These folks also tend to be outdoors types, and enjoy hikes and biking, getting in touch with nature.

Very persistent, a Taurus person will have the "stick with it" to get the job done. You will very seldom find them goofing off or shirking their responsibilities. Unlike other zodiac signs, taurus is not so big on taking risks though, and needs lots of security in their life. You will find the Taurus investor playing it safe, even at the expense of increased profits.

Taurus Sign People May Demonstrate Great Character

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and possesses characteristics that many may be envious of . They tend to exude a sense of purpose, reliability, honesty that make them stand out as one endearing integrity. They reflect an air of fortitude giving those around them a feeling that a Taurus is to be revered and respected. The downside to this idolism is that their strong possessive nature may tend to turn away those who refuse to be controlled or dominated.

Taureans Are Often Detail Oriented

Success in business and personal affairs abound due to the meticulous detail used in the orchestration of all ventures. Fortune and fame may be theirs by carefully planning and actively seeking those things that are of importance to them.

Here Are Some Interesting Taurus Facts:

* ruling planet is Venus
* blue and violet are the primary colors
* birthstone is diamond
* lucky days is Friday
* lucky numbers are 1 and 9
* lucky color is blue
* best location for success is in quiet places

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